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Dog Training
There are various ways of training dogs such as compulsion or positive reinforcement.


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Your Best Dog Trainer at Singapore, LEICES

I am a Singaporean located in Singapore involved with high performance dog sports for the last 20 years. During the last 20 years many things have changed, but my focus has remained the same - A dog trainer at Singapore.
I aspire to train German Shepherd dogs as well as other breeds to reach top level performance levels. A good German Shepherd should not just have a good anatomy but able work as well. We also train the dogs for Obedience Training and  Treadmill Training.
Qualifications & Experiences
  • AVA Accredit Trainer.
  • Training Director of Global Pets.
  • Committee member of IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of Environmental Health Institute).
  • Committee member of DGA (Dog Grooming Association of Singapore).
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