We got Abby from Pet Arena  when she was 9 months old, which means she has a very steep learning curve for to live with us in a home environment. Up to that point, her life was in the shop. Thankfully, she was caged but left in a spacious confined space to play, jump and run.

We had five sessions with Joseph Yeo, with each session lasting for about 2 hours.

Joseph is indeed a very experienced dog-trainer. He was really good in engaging Abby right away when he stepped into our home and saw her. Abby loved to see him and was always jumping with joy when seeing him.

Joseph didn’t just teaching obedience, he taught a philosophy about having a dog as a member of the family. His tag line was: “It has been accepted that dog is man’s best friend. But the question remains is whether we are dog’s best friend!”

He was always advocating positive reinforcement training. He believed every dog has a unique personality and wanted us to bring out the best in Abby as we train and, more importantly, relate to her as a member of the family.

We are always indebted to Joseph’s many sound advice and tips.

Abby has indeed brought a lot of joy to the family. There are silly and smart moments that edged deeply into our family story.

Thank you, Joseph.


Peter, Diana, Joseph, Jeremy, and Jordan Chan