Why do dogs bark?
I am often asked this question, “why does my dog bark all the time?” There are many reasons why dog barks. Some of the reasons include; separation anxiety, fear, boredom etc.

I recall one of my students asking me that same question. Before I can successfully manage the barking problem, I need to determine the cause of barking. I started gathering the history of the dog from my student. The dog is an imported dog with no issues from breeder. I then proceed to investigate further by creating various scenarios at night such as leaving him alone, making noises etc. to conclude that the dog reacted based on fear.

There are a few reasons for the development of this fear reaction. One of which could link to the transportation of the dog from overseas to Singapore. During its flight with occasionally turbulence and left in the dark cabin away from the owner could have created bad association of fear.

Aggression Behaviour
There are many types of aggressive behaviours among dogs. For example fear aggression, dominate aggression etc.

In my obedience classes, I have incorporated a lesson behaviour component. Some dogs would show aggression during their first lesson. Most of the time, it is due to the fact that the dogs are lack of socializing skills.

Jumping on the owner
Some dogs get very excited and would jump all over when their owner comes home or at visitors. It becomes an annoying behaviour especially when owner puts on freshly cleaned and iron pants ready for work.

Several methods can be used to curb this behaviour. Obedience training is helpful to control this jumping problem. Exercising the dog half an hour before leaving for work could also be other method to solve this problem as it will tired the dog and minimise the strength to jump.

House Training
Dogs have the tendency to urine in the house once they are let out of their cage or kennel. Several reasons to explain this problem; they could be bored and trying to attract attention or was being confined too long without access to the toilet area.

One of my suggestions to establishing house training would be to leash up the dog to the toilet area once released from the cage. Wait for the dog to urine at that spot before releasing it out to play. This will educate it to urine at that spot before they are allowed to play around in the house.

My son and I were playing at the playground. As we were playing happily, my son then gave me a light punch and ran off laughing obviously with what he has done. Suddenly out of nowhere a wild black ferocious dog charge towards my son, all set to pounce on him. He realised something was very wrong hence calling me for help. As I was a distance away, the only thing I could do is to stay cool and shouted at the dog to stop the nonsense. Suddenly the place was silent and the dog just stopped and turned away.