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Special supplements and care products for pets

Canina established since 1984 on animal health with concept.
With us you buy supplementary feed from the highest level. We only use natural raw materials of food quality for our products – naturally without preservatives.

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Grau dog food

Grau is a dry dog food that optimises your dog’s diet with top quality dog food. Using this dog food you can minimise and remedy nutritional deficiencies.
Grau Mixer is ideal for mixing with your dog’s regular diet of fresh or canned meat and fish providing an excellent source of additional carbohydrates.
Grau Dog Food: a healthy diet leads to a healthy life.

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Lei Ces Elegance

Lei Ces Elegance Specialise selected grooming tools

At lei-ces, we provide a variety of tools for grooming your pets, ranging from grooming tools tools blower, brushes, nail cutter,
fur master and much more.

Our tool is of premium quality and ensures that styling of your pet is not being compromised.


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Mera Dog

Meradog – Long lives the dog

For more than 65 years, Meradog has stood for really good nutrition that uses effective protective mechanisms to keep dogs truly healthy and happy throughout their lives.
Our product lines pure, care and premium as well as a comprehensive selection of snacks offer the ideal solution to meet every need. See for yourself and find healthy dog food now that your dog will enjoy.

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