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Canhydrox GAG For strengthen connective tissue and strong gum-ligament, tendons and claws


Vitamin C strengthens the connective tissue and supports a strong gum

Silica supports the structures of the connective tissue like ligaments, tendons and claws

Vitamin E and selenium as cell protection factor for the degradation of cytocidal of metabolites (antioxidants)

For puppies and young dogs with: deformed extremities (knock-knees or bow-legs), overextensions, loose joints and connective tissue weaknesses

General: strengthens ligaments, sinews and musculature, formation of strong skeleton and denture, for strong denture, hardening of the dental enamel

Forfullygrowndogs:assupportforperformancedogsastheelasticityofthebonesisenhanced,aspreventionofjointsandof motion problems at older age, as support of the bone metabolism after surgery: the bone is supported in its natural function.

CANILIND For insect and tick bites & unspecific itching


Hydro-active emulsion for external application on the basis of Aloe Barbadensis


The juice of the leaves of the aloe vera plant is well-known for its skin calming effect. The contained carbohydrate (acemannane) and amino acids
support the skin in their natural function. By its hydrophilic characteristics CANILIND penetrates deeply into the skin and promotes its regeneration.

On the one hand CANILIND lets the skin “breathe” as it lets oxygen pass from the air, on the other hand it protects against harmful factors from the outside.



Canina KRÄUTER-DOC® JOINTS is a finely grinded and therefore an optimally digestible mixture of selected herbs,
which is administered for the support of the joints.

The herbs supply important phyto-nutritions, which may be absent in the daily feed.
They supply the body and therefore also the joints with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and secondary plant substances.
The well balanced herbs supply the entire connective tissue and can protect the collagen fibres of sinews,
ligaments, muscles and joints. The well-being of your dog will be raised.

Canina MICRO SILVER DENTAL GEL – For oral hygiene, efficient against plaque, tartar and gingivtis


Canina Microsilver Dental Gel is a dentifrice for dogs and cats with grapefruit seed extract.

Canina Dental Gel has been specifically formulated to follow oral hygiene and as efficient protection against plaque, tartar and gingivitis.
The tooth cleaning effect is based on microsilver and grapefruit seed extract that are well-tolerated by dogs and cats. Regular use guarantees efficient protection
against tartar formation. Ingestion is not dangerous. Antioxydant effect is provided due to bioflavonoids content in grapefruit seed extract. High content of Vitamin
C helps to support healthy gums, amino and fatty acids promote plaque dissolution.

CANIVITA – For 10 minutes effective, vitamins taken nearly without any loss


In this well tasting multi-vitamin emulsion 11 essential water and fat-soluble vitamins are mixed and are ready to use. Directly after the administration the vitamins are
taken up over the mucous membranes into the lymph system without going through the liver and small intestine, into the blood circulation.
Therefore CANIVITA is effective within 10 minutes and the vitamins can be taken in by the body without nearly any loss.
CANIVITA is used for covering an increased vitamin need e.g. at pregnancy, lactating, growth and it is indispensable for dogs, which have a higher

DENTAL CAN For against unpleasant mouth smell



Care product for teeth for dogs against unpleasant mouth smell
The regular use of DENTAL CAN prevents bad mouth smell and removes accumulated
food particles. It is assumed that 95% of all dogs over 5 years suffer under bad mouth smell.