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NOVAGard Green ® Anti-Odor


NOVAGard Green ® Anti-Odor

Against urine smell for use on and in the litter box for hygiene and fresh scent in the environment of your pet!

The subtle and fine fragrance reliably binds odors without irritating the sensitive noses of cats and dogs. NOVAGard Green ®  Anti-Odor is an
odor absorbent that can be used especially in and around the cat litter box . By the fine spray head even the lump litter can be sprayed without lumps forming.

NOVAGard Green® Anti-Parasite For Cats


– natural tick especially for cats

NOVAGard Green® Anti-Parasite is the natural alternative to chemical synthetic products. The innovative recipe – especially tailored to the needs of cats – is unique – cats are not dogs! The product can be used against various ectoparasites such as ticks, fleas, mites, lice, hair pieces and mosquitoes.
For complementary use in the animal environment we recommend NOVAGard Green® combi spray!

NOVAGard Green® Dry Foam Care


NOVAGard Green® Dry Foam Care  provides fast thorough, mild cleansing of the coat without bathing the animal.
The NOVAGard Green® Fresh Grooming now with improved formula for dogs with aloe vera and wheat germ oil
not only ensures a simplified brushing of the coat, the hair is supple and shiny. The included lavender oil also unfolds a pleasant scent, without it being intrusive and unpleasant for sensitive dog licks.

NOVAGard Green® Ear Cleaner


NOVAGard Green® Ear Cleaner
With the NOVAGard Green® ear products for dogs and cats NOVAGard Green®
offers a coordinated system of gentle but thorough ear cleaning and a herbal based ear care.

NOVAGard Green® Extra-Sensitive Shampoo


NOVAGard Green® Extra-sensitive shampoo – for sensitive, sensitive dogs, puppies,
dogs that are prone to allergies and itching, with particularly restraining and caring, antipruritic natural ingredients without perfume.

NOVAGard Green® Eye Care


The NOVAGard Green® Eye Care cleanses and cares for sticky or oozing animal eyes + eye environment. Especially on and in the sensitive corners of the eyes.
There, the care is often particularly difficult because the transition to the eye itself is very fluid. The product can be used for daily eye care.

  • Cares for the eyes
  • Practical application in the dropper bottle
  • Very mild and well tolerated
  • Contains colloidal silver
  • Cleans and moistens the eyes as well as the eye environment

NOVAGard Green® Kombi-PLUS


NOVAGard Green® Kombi-PLUS
is an innovative spray in the fight against ectoparasites. 
It is applicable as repellant (repellent)
“anti-flea spray” in the animal environment as well as on the animal itself (also repellent).
It is therefore also suitable as an “anti-tick spray”. It is also effective against mites, lice and mosquitoes around the dog and around the cat.