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HEART-VITAL – Support heart function


Supports the heart function at chronic cardiac insufficiency. Older dogs suffer often from heart weakness.

The white thorn extract and the L-carnitine in HEART-VITAL effectively stabilize and strengthen the heart function. White thorn (
Crataegus) has already been used for a long time in the human medicine as supportive treatment at chronic heart weakness.

KRÄUTER-DOC® – Function of kidney and urinary bladder support.



Canina KRÄUTER-DOC® KIDNEY & URINARY BLADDER is a finely grinded and therefore optimally digestible mixture of selected herbs, which is administered
to the support of kidneys and the urinary bladder. The herbs supply important phyto-nutritions, which can be absent in the daily feed. They supply the body with
vitamins, minerals, amino acids and secondary plant substances. Due to the well balanced herbs the function of the kidney and the urinary bladder is in total supported. The well-being of your dog will be raised.

Canina KRÄUTER-DOC® KIDNEY & URINARY BLADDER – does not contain any chemical additives – 100% natural!

MOORWATER – After antibiotic therapy, humic and fulvic acid remove harmful substance & stimulates appetite and blood formation



• At irritation of the gastrointestinal-tract such as diarrhoea, changing stool consistency or flatulence

• After antibiotic therapy, the humic and fulvic acids remove harmful substances from the bowel system and dehydrate fluid faeces that they become solid again

• Stimulates the appetite and blood formation
• Improves fertility in female and male animals
• Cleans and purges from inside
• Synergetic effects will be reached if it is used together with PETVITAL® BOWEL GEL

PETVITAL® BIO-ACTIVATOR – Support muscle growth



Product for Harmonisation and Regeneration

For the support of power of resistance, performance and well-being.
With valuable proteins, which are split by a special procedure into the individual amino acids, so that these can be taken up into the smallest cell, plus iron and zinc.

PETVITAL® BOWEL GEL – Intestine Stabiliser



PETVITAL® BOWEL GEL has a positive effect on the intestinal flora due to the contained micro- organisms, so that the well-being of your dog is supported.
The lactic acid forming germ Entero- coccus faecium passes the stomach without any loss and reproduces quickly in the small testine.
The physiological intestinal flora is stabilized and the digestibleness of the feed is improved.