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PETVITAL® DERM-CAPS – Activation of skin and coat metabolism



  • combination of essential skin active substances for the activation of the skin and coat metabolism
  • with evening primrose oil as particular valuable fatty acid with a high content of linoleic and
  • linolenic acid in combination with fish oil, biotin and zinc
  • a lack of essential fatty acids is possible: during the growth-period, during the lactation of the mother
  • dog, at the age, at increased performance (heat, pregnancy, training), during the change of coat




– Appetising and tasty supplement feed
– A purely natural product with beer and mineral yeast. It includes all important components: all B-vitamins, biotin, minerals and high-grade proteins
– B-vitamins act as catalyser in all tissues and are indispensible in the carbonhydrate and protein metabolism and they support the cell division
– Improves the vitality and strengthens the nerves
– Protects skin and hair and strengthens the claws
– The high content of minerals and trace elements like, calcium and zinc support the willingness to perform as the production of energy is activated on cell level
– Strengthen the immune system
– Balances deficiencies of nutrient
– As support at increased energy demand (e.g. breeding puppies, physical or mental training)
– As an optimal supplement during and after illnesses