DOG IMMUNE PROTECT – =Strengthen immune system enhance vitality


Dog Immune Protect
To strengthen the immune system and enhancement of the vitality


Especially for puppies, mother dogs, old and ill dogs and performance dogs!

Mother dog:
– To strengthen the immune system and enhancement of the vitality
– For the production of high-quality colostrum in sufficient quantities

– To strengthen the immune system and anhancement of the vitality especially at insufficient inkae of colostrum or missing colostrum due to illnesses of the mother dog or due to a big litter (feeding can start from the 2nd day of life)
– As support for the body’s defences in situations of stress, e.g. during the ablactation or a new home, at diet-related indigestion like diarrhoea

Fully grown and performance dogs:
– As enhancement of well-being and vitality
– To strengthen the immune system and to shorten the period of convalescence, for weak dogs e.g. caused by stress with following indigestion like diatthoea, high age, illness or surgery
– For the enhancement of the performance of the dog, as preparation for competitions/exhibitions/work and for a quick recovery after those

Content: 150g / 300g / 1000g


Feeding recommendation per dog and day:
Puppies from the 2nd day of life: 
1 pinch (approx. 1g) –> Recommendation: Mixed with Canina’s Puppy Milk

Puppies and young dogs from the 14. day of life until 9th month:
1 teaspoon (approx. 4g)

Fully grown dogs, mother dogs, old/ill dogs, performace dogs:
– up to 10kg body weight 1 teaspoon
– up to 25kg body weight 2 teaspoon
– above 25kg body weight 3 teaspoon