NOVAGard Green®



NOVAGard Green® Naturally and hygiene care for your pet!

Nursing and hygiene products on a natural basis for dogs and cats
Our products are based on our NOVAGard Green® standardized and innovative plant extracts, natural mineral
compositions and nature-identical, innovative formulations that we constantly update, expand and improve in the service of animal welfare.

Our products stand for: environmentally friendly and, if possible, sustainable products Alternatives to “chemistry” innovative product formulations conceived under scientific and veterinary advice safe products for
the animal, safe products in the human environment modern application forms effective and gentle product formulations exact attention to species-specific features We want to help you
to maintain the health of your pet through preventive measures and premium products, to optimally care for and protect your pet. We are in the forefront of science and research.
Recognized veterinarians design our products, test them and constantly adapt them to new scientific knowledge. Even when dosing our products, we leave nothing to chance.
That’s why we can go completely new ways. For the defense against ticks, for example, we offer an effective but also caring tick remedy especially for the sensitive cat skin and do not burden the sensitive
cats with the addition of irritating ingredients. We know that cats do not tolerate essential oils well. Your love for your pet and our competence are true to our motto:

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