Mera Dog

Meradog – Long lives the dog

For more than 65 years, Meradog has stood for really good nutrition that uses effective protective mechanisms to keep dogs truly healthy and happy throughout their lives.
Our product lines pure, care and premium as well as a comprehensive selection of snacks offer the ideal solution to meet every need. See for yourself and find healthy dog food now that your dog will enjoy.

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Mera -100% made in Germany on comprehensive & highly differentiated
programme of dog food

For Mera Tiernahrung GmbH from Kevelaer am Niederrhein, this slogan is both a goal and an obligation. The German family-run company has more than 65 years of experience in the production of high-quality pet food. The company boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and is one of the leading producers of premium products for dogs and cats.

Meradog – cutting-edge technology & tested quality

Meradog supplies your dog with choice Mera quality from the Lower Rhine. We source the vast majority of our raw materials from long-standing partners in our region. All raw materials delivered to us are subject to extensive quality checks.
The entire production process is certified according to the strictest requirements of the IFS (International Food Standard) and the BRC Global Standard for Food and is checked annually by the
TÜV (Technical Inspection Association). In addition, we maintain seamless traceability from the finished product back to the raw material supplier. This is the guarantee of safety for both humans and animals.


Meradog – The best for dogs

This slogan perfectly describes the philosophy behind our Meradog brand. For over 65 years, Meradog has been committed to delivering professional nutrition of exceptional quality for dogs in every phase of life –
from puppy to senior. Dogs enrich our lives – they are loyal partners, friends and servants to humans. They deserve very special care and support. The Meradog nutritional programme makes an important contribution
by providing really good nutrition for dogs. Based on sound knowledge of the needs of dogs, Meradog develops advanced nutritional concepts that revolve around the life of dogs.

Meradog – proper nutrition for dogs

It is a fundamental principle of the Meradog brand to provide dogs with tasty dog food as well as products that incorporate the latest findings of nutritional science. For more than 65 years, we have produced high-quality
dog food, known today under the Meradog name, in Kevelaer am Niederrhein in Germany. Based on sound knowledge of the needs of dogs, Meradog develops advanced nutritional concepts that revolve around the life of dogs.

Meradog – guarantees safety for people and pets

All Meradog products meet the ever-increasing requirements for healthy and responsible canine nutrition at a markedly high quality level. The innovative Meradog food recipes are developed and tested by experienced food scientists.
They combine high-quality and natural ingredients that effectively meet the specific needs of dogs throughout the different phases of life. On this basis, Meradog delivers a comprehensive and highly differentiated programme of dog food for
all phases of life – from puppy to senior. The programme is rounded out by Meradog snacks and a range of tasty Meradog biscuits made by ourselves.