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GAC Garlic
Dogs and cats that are given garlic on a regularly basis will become unattractive to fleas and ticks.
In addition, it is scientifically proven that garlic also has an intestine and blood cleaning effect, as well as an antibacterial and antiarteriosclerotic effect.Recently, it is also presumed that garlic has preventive attributes for old age complaints.
In any case, daily feeding of garlic is very important.
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GAC Garlic Grabule
100 % garlic (Alium sativum)Directions for use/daily feeding recommendation:
Because the GAC Garlic is very pure and natural it is enough to give only a small quantity of the granule to the daily food.Small dogs receive 1 pinch daily
Dogs over 25 kg receive 1 teaspoon daily
Cats receive 1 pinch daily
Horses 1 tablespoon daily
GAC Garlic Tablets
95.00 % garlic (Alium sativum), 5.00 % beer yeastDirections for use/daily feeding recommendation:
Small dogs 2 tablets daily
Medium-sized dogs 3-4 tablets daily
Large dogs 5-6 tablets daily
Cats 2 tablets daily