NovaGard Green® dry foam care (for dogs & cats)


  • A clean animal without bathing in 60 seconds
  • Gentle, mild and effective
  • Economical in use
  • Ideal for traveling and traveling
  • Clean, fragrant animal in the wet season
  • Innovative with colloidal silver
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NovaGard Green® dry foam care (for dogs & cats)

Whether in autumn, in winter, in spring or summer rain – our dogs often come home with soiled fur. The dog is then dirty, he smells and leaves dirt in the house. Especially with long-haired dogs are found sand and mud on the stomach, on the legs and neck. Especially with a dog traveling is an alternative to the dog bathing is particularly in demand. Finally, too frequent bathing of the dog the balance of skin and coat is not beneficial.

Simply drying the wet coat is not a real alternative. It soon develops the typical “wet dog smell” – even in the car, this can be a problem. At the latest when guests come into the house, who do not have their own dogs and are sensitive to smells, the topic of dog smell will suddenly become an issue.

Recommendations for use 
Apply a walnut-sized serving of foam on the palm and lather the thoroughly cleaned skin area. After about 30 seconds, rub the foam out of the coat with a towel. If necessary, brush.

In a nutshell
NOVAGard Green® dry foam care offers a simple, comfortable and above all fast solution.

A mild, well-tolerated cosmetic foam base, which is very economical in use and cares for coat and skin, is applied briefly to the soiled, wet spots, foamed with the hands and then wiped off with a towel. Some colloidal silver reliably prevents odors. Then the coat can be brushed as usual. In 60 seconds, the dog is clean, well-groomed and odor-free. The foam is also suitable for sensitive dog skin and can also be used when a bathing of the dog basically for age or health reasons is out of the question.

With NOVAGard Green® dry foam care, you can enjoy the company of your dog at any time: at home, while traveling and in the car – the “wet dog smell” is a thing of the past. We also recommend the NOVAGard Green® Fresh Coat Care – with a new formula.

Mild, cosmetic foam base, colloidal silver 

Pack sizes: Dispenser bottle 100 ml