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Dog Threadmill


Dog Treadmill Indoor Exercise / Fitness Kit

TreadMills have dolly wheels which provide easy mobility of the TreadMill.
They also have a metal eyelet which allows for a toy to be attached, if needed.
TreadMills have push button controls which provide gradual increase and decrease in speed. Some select GoPet TreadMills allow for an incline adjustment.




Grau dog food

Grau is a dry dog food that optimises your dog’s diet with top quality dog food. Using this dog food you can minimise and remedy nutritional deficiencies.
Grau Mixer is ideal for mixing with your dog’s regular diet of fresh or canned meat and fish providing an excellent source of additional carbohydrates.
Grau Dog Food: a healthy diet leads to a healthy life.

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Play Stick


Play Stick

It is the perfect toy to make that happy. Build a better relationship with your dog,
this is the toy to get and keep them entertained and active! Bring a lot of fun to your dog and you!





Taiwan Pet Grooming Scissors

Taiwan Pet Grooming Scissors
Sharp, durable stainless-steel blades for precision cutting.
Ergonomically-designed with finger rest and holder for superior comfort and control.