I am a Singaporean located in Singapore involved with high performance dog sports for the last 29 years. During the last 20 years many things have changed, but my focus remained the same.

I aspire to train the German Shepherd dogs as well as other breeds to reach top level performance levels. A good German Shepherd should not just have a good anatomy but able to work as well.

Qualifications & Experiences

  • AVS Accredited Trainer.
  • Training Director of Global Pets.
  • Committee member of IACUC (Institute Animal Care and Use Committee of Environment Health Institute).
  • Committee member of DGA (Dog Grooming Association of Singapore).

Conducted Schutzhund Seminars in Malaysia

  • Ipoh on Protection work.
  • KL on the differences Guard work & Schutzhund protection.

First team in Singapore to pass Schutzhund-Protection by SV judge.

Public demonstration on dog obedience & Tricks for Chingay, NTUC family, Fund raising for the disability, old folks home, churches and many others.

Filming with Mediacorp.

Artistes in drama series like Crime Hunter and Holland Village.

Dog Training discussion with the Thai Police (Difference between the guard work & Schutzhund training)

Sweden Police consultant and chief trainer from German Shepherd Dog club of Sweden.

One of the top German Trainer – was a helper of the BSP, as well as the German Team for the FCI World Championship. Trained twelve successful students to compete at the top level in Germany.

Diploma in Schutzhund from German Shepherd Club of Sweden.

Contributed articles on dog training for magazines (Singapore Magazines-Dog Directory 2004/2005 and Malaysia-Petworld)

Electronics Engineer background with a Honours Degree in Business Admin. Was working with MNC as a Asia Pacific Regional Manager.

A facilitator for introduction of 7 habit with student’s evaluation of the following:

  • The preparedness of the trainer is 4.2 over 5.
  • The ability to get participants involved in the learning process is 4.2 over 5.
  • The ability to present knowledge & skill effectively is 4.1 over 5.
  • Overall rating is 4.2 over 5.